Anonymous: This guy I REALLY like gets really weird when it comes to girls. We are friends and everything and I guess he talks about me as though he likes me but he won't just say it. I hooked up with his best friend and now he knows, he finaly forgave me but his BFF and I still kinda like each other but aren't going to do anything until I clear things up with the main boy. Problem is he never is able to hang out and I feel annoying asking so often... What do I do 😭

okay well its good that youre getting your priorities straight, but honestly i dont think you should try dating either one of them when you still have feelings for both of them. it makes it awkward for the other person who you choose not to date as you still like eachother, but youre in a relationship with someone else + its unfair to the person youre dating if you like someone else (even if the feelings arent as strong)

sO id say give it a little rest, continue talking to both of them as you normally would and wait until feelings for one of them die down to just friendship- it’ll mean youll have a more committed relationship with the other person 


most amazing feeling to wake up in fresh mountain air, look out through a cozy tent and see nothing but ocean, waves, and nature for miles. Camping in Big Sur was a trip
vague-a-lame: My day is quite calming right now, but yesterday, I go to collège for the first time (as a student i mean) and I was completly excited about this because I hated highscool more than everything. And today, I'm going to see my tunisian grandfather, this is the first time for him that he come to Reunion Island. I really admire this man. And you, how is your day sweetie ?

ay congrats on graduating and making it to college! im v happy for you, it sounds like youre having a wonderful time

im v good!! its been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster this past week or so but its leveled off now and now im doing really well, thank you for asking bud

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lucidik: Exams~ ugh its so stressful and I keep procrastinating

aw best of luck!! get off tumblr n work a little, promise itll pay off :^)

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hows your day been going?

tell me about things that’ve been troubling you/ making you happy/ sth thats been on your mind a lot recently

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i want a boy to run through an art gallery with me